Studio Newbie please help


I am in the process of exploring studio and if it helps us we will buy the product soon. After searching the internet and seeing youtube tutorials I see that you can add effects and create library of sound for games. For this what I found is you have to build a project. After this build is created i get a build directory and 2 folders in that directory. In one folder called desktop i see 2 files “Master” and “Master” . Now this is where i am lost and need help. What happens now? How does the programmer identify these files, how does he use these files and link it with the program in which my game is going to be developed. I am not a programmer and can’t find any solution on the internet.

Please help.


Hi Sid,

There are two parts to FMOD Studio, the tool and the Programmer’s API. Once you have built the banks in the tool, you give those files to your programmer who then links the game to the Studio API. From there it’s relatively straight forward, we have programmer examples which demonstrate how to load the banks and play the events. The API is a separate download on the downloads page.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response. Could you please tell me where to find these programmer examples which demonstrate how to load the banks and play the events?


Once you’ve installed the programmer’s API the examples are located in: /FMOD SoundSystem/FMOD Studio API /api/studio/examples

So for windows you can find the example projects for Visual Studio 2010 in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FMOD SoundSystem\FMOD Studio API Windows\api\studio\examples\vs2010


I don’t suppose anybody knows when FMOD Studio Programmer’s API will be released for windows 8?

All the best