Fmod With Le-Sound Add-on (AudioMotors) and UE4 wont show it at all


I have a huge problem and i need help right now!
I trying to create a parameter with AudioMotors RPM and i set a value between 1000 to 10000 and it works fine in Fmod to play it. BUT! when i have build it and switching to UE4 (4.22) it shows absolutly nothing. No assets, No files, No build at all. I getting mad for real that i have tried this like 10times and it shows nothing. Im completly noob with this for that matter as well and wanna learn to do this but the tutorials are like 100 years old and outdated. It drives me crazy that there are no one that can show how to make this correct (More or less) especially with Le-Sound Add-on. The dont have a tutorial as well with this and i dont what to do. I need emergency help with my project! I need a video tutorial or a step by step picture guide how to make this right. As i said, I getting mad that it doesnt work for me.
I really hope that someone can help me with this. I do wanna learn how to use Fmod with UE4, but im need instructions/guide to do this.

// André

The best place to start is the User Guide in our docs:

Well, that wasnt the answer i was looking for, Which is a good comment but.
I was looking for more like specific in “Le-Sound” add-on tutorial and how to make that work with Fmod and UE4 intergration step by step guide. How to use the “plug-in” instrument (as i understand it) and the loop or parameter setup.