FMOD in ue4 intgreation

I have made Fmod project for Simulating Bus Engines with RPM and Speed parameter and i used it in UE4 ( with bluprint) but the sound in FMOD ist diffrent than un UE4. How can i get the same sound.

What do you mean by different?

my car has automatic transmission and when it change from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 or … it will go through N ( neutral gear) and i causes jump down in TON.

From what you’ve written it sounds like your parameters might need a bit of seek speed to smooth out.

If I’m wrong, could you please post a video of what you’re experiencing?

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Thanks alot for your answer. I made video but i could not upload here and you can check it here

From what I’ve seen of the video it looks like you could use an asymmetrical seek speed to make seek down a little bit slower than seek up. But a lot of what you’re hearing is very much FMOD running as intended.