Fmod working with Matinee?

Is there any solution, to integrate sound via Fmod in Matinee?

While you can’t directly incorporate FMOD events into Matinee, you can add keys to Event Tracks within your Matinee. Then head over to the level blueprint, where you’ll find a matinee controller node holding all the keys in the respective matinee. You can link this matinee controller node with, for example, Play [FMOD] Event at Location, to get your FMOD events to sound in sync with your matinee.

Make sure to right-click the matinee controller node and click ‘Refresh Nodes’ if new nodes don’t show up automatically.

Hope this helps! Works like a charm for my team, at least.


thank you for your quick response. My team mates have already figured out your solution, but there’s another problem. They told me, they cant play fmod events via matinee in real time, i.e if they place the events, they need to play the whole sequence, until they got to the point they want to check, if audio and animation is together.
Well, I#m just the audio guy and hope that theres an upcoming update or another solution to solve this problem, but for now we
ve ended up to trigger sound cues…

Best regards!

Same issue here, it would be great if we could trigger FMOD events directly from the Matinee timeline, similar to how you would add Animation Notifies on the animation event tracks.

Hi Nicolas,

I’ll do my best to shed some light on this, however, our UE4 expert is currently away so he’ll be able to elaborate on this more when he returns.

The main reason that our UE4 integration doesn’t include any specific Matinee functionality is that Epic had been working on a replacement for Matinee, called “Sequencer”. This has finally been released in experimental form in UE4.10. As such, we were hoping to avoid integrating with Matinee as it would subsequently be deprecated.

However, since we already have an architecture in place to audition in the editor (such as with the Anim Notify), there may be avenues for us to add some simple integration features for Matinee while we wait for Sequencer to become an official feature.

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Great info–thanks!

We’ve had a look at how Matinee and Sequencer work, and unfortunately Matinee is very hard-coded and difficult to extend via a plugin. Sequencer is much more extensible and it looks easy to hook into to provide better support.

Given the above information, and since Sequencer is the new replacement that Epic are rolling out, we’ll be doing work to support Sequencer instead. There are some other tasks that need to be finished first, so I would expect it to be done in the next few months.

In the meantime, I’m afraid you will have to keep with the current workflow.

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