FMOD5_Memory_GetStats XboxOne Unity

When trying to run an application on XboxOne, i’m getting:

Unable to resolve pinvoke method ‘FMOD.Memory:FMOD5_Memory_GetStats (int&,int&,bool)’ Re-run with MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug for more information.

The latest Unity Fmod plugin is installed ( 1.10.11) and the latest XBoxOne Fmod Plugin (1.10.11).
Unity 2018.3.5f1

Building works fine.
But when trying to run the application it crashes at FMOD.Memory:FMOD5_Memory_GetStats
The DLLS are all included in the build.
I get this error on development/debug/master builds.
Even with all logging disabled.

Is there away to make it work? or to disable the getStats call?
Is there a stable version to use?

Solved by simply starting a new Unity Project, add the fmod plugin as well as the xbox plugin. then copy paste the plugin folder back to the original project :sweat_smile: