when trying to play a game I have, it says it’s missing fmodstudio.dll .
Is there any download to this file??

You should have it when you install it from a legitimate source. You do not download it separately without knowing the exact version the game shipped from. Where did you get the game from? Reinstalling it would provide all of the correct files.

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Missing .dll files are frequently a sign that a game has been pirated. If you suspect you have received a pirated copy of a game, you should immediately contact your country’s relevant authorities.

If you are able to confirm that your game is not a pirate copy, try reinstalling, then downloading the latest patches and updates for the game. If this doesn’t solve your problem, try contacting the game’s developers and asking them about the missing file; You may have discovered a bug.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the file ourselves, as we have no way of knowing which build and version of FMOD Studio was used to create the game in question.

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