fmodstudio.dylib location after build?


I was having trouble getting sound to work. It works flawlessly in the unity editor but when i built it it didn’t work.

I’m using 1.05.11 (both FMOD and the unity plugin)
I tested on WIN7 and Yosemite.

I found the following:

on both win and mac, building a x86 would get me no sound.
on both win and mac, building a x86_64 would get me sound.

But on mac the only way it works is if the .app is in the same directory as:

fmodstudio.dylib & fmod.dylib

I’m using the free version of unity btw, so no pro version.

Is there any way i can get the mac build to work without having the two dylib files in the same directory?
perhaps placing them somewhere inside the .app?



This is the result of native plugin support being a Unity Pro only feature.