FMOD Plugins on OSX, .bundle or .dylib?

I’m having some trouble getting FMOD Unity to see custom plugins. It seems to want .bundles, but the API projects for OSX only create .dylib files. I tried adding the fmod_noise.dylib to a folder named fmod_noise.bundle with the following folder structure:


But that didn’t seem to do the trick. Any ideas? It would be nice if the plugin example projects in XCode created .bundles if that’s what the FMOD Unity Integration packages expects?

FMOD itself can load both standalone dylibs and bundles.

The issue is that Unity only recognizes and copies bundles to the standalone app.

With your bundle try removing the .dylib extension from the file.


Perfect. I haven’t had a chance to give this a full test, but Unity no longer complains about not being able to find the plugin. Thanks again.