FMODStudio not running in a migration to UE4.24

I should point out that this project was running on 4.20, and we recently migrated to 4.24

I have been trying to get FMOD to work on a project in UE 4.24, but everytime I open the project, I am told there is a problem. I follow the instructions, which included fixing something in the project settings: Bank Output Directory has not been added to the “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy” list I click on the ADD button

Next I am instructed to go to the help menu and validate. I get this message popped up: FMODStudio does not appear to be running. Only some validation will occur. Do you want to continue anyway?

Like a Lemming, I follow my orders and am told: Finished Validation. No problems detected.

Unfortunately, this does not fix anything, and I have no idea what is cause the FMODStudio to not be running.

Please advise…


I’m not sure what the problem is sorry, can you elaborate on the problem you are encountering?