FMODStudioCache.asset + PlasticSCM

We’re using FMOD for Unity + PlasticSCM for version control and Plastic just loves to check out that old pal FMODStudioCache.asset any time Unity is opened. (I did a quick search on the forum for other threads about this, but didn’t find any answers specifically about this)

  1. Does FMODStudioCache.asset need to be in version control? I.e. will our audio team working in FMOD Studio be generating meaningful changes to that asset that they’ll want to commit to the rest of the team? Or is it more of a “can be built locally” library type asset?

  2. If it is desirable to keep FMODStudioCache.asset under version control, does anyone know of a way to have Plastic ignore it locally? I tried adding it to Plastic’s hidden_files.conf but what ends up happening is that if anyone else does end up checking in a change to that file, Plastic totally gags on it =/


FMODStudioCache.asset is a cache file used to speed up the plugin UI and it does not need to be shared between developers. Considering that it does get touched a lot, it is probably best to leave it out of source control and let everyone generate their own.

We have some more information on using FMOD with Source Control in our docs.

I don’t know how I missed that bit of the documentation before. Thank you!

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