FMODStudioCache location changed?


I’m currently setting up FMOD Studio Unity Integration version 2.00.08 and have a question about the gitignore setup

In the docs it mentions you should ignore the file Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Resources/FMODStudioCache.asset however I don’t see this file in my project (maybe it hasn’t been generated yet)

I do however see a file Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Cache/Editor/FMODStudioCache.asset, I’m wondering if this the file that should be ignored or is this a separate file that should not be ignored?


As you’ve guessed, Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Cache/Editor/FMODStudioCache.asset is the path your source control needs to ignore.

The location of FMODStudioCache.asset was changed recently, and the documentation hasn’t yet been updated to show the new path. We’ll fix it soon.

Thanks Joseph! I noticed the .gitignore in the github repository for the Unity Integration is also based on the old folder structure, it may be a good idea to update that as well.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve added a task to our tracker to update the GitHub repository with the correct path.