FMODStudioSettings.asset and source control

(Bartosz) #1


I have question about FMOD and source control - precisely said about FMODStudioSettings.asset. I know that it can’t be placed in .ignore, but it still make check-out and despite the fact that there is no changes, it want to send changes to repository. Is there any possibilty of avoiding such a controversy? How to deal with it?

P.S. We use Plastic SCM.


(Cameron Baron) #2

There must be changes made if it is being checked out, are the Studio projects in different directories on other computers?

(Bartosz) #3

Studio projects are in the same directory. In our opinion problem is that FMODStudioSettings.asset and FMODStudioSettings.asset.meta are dirty files and this is a reason why Plastic perceive their status to check-out. Is there possibility of setting this files not dirty?

(Cameron Baron) #4

I have been able to reproduce this in Plastic SCM, and have added this as a task to our tracker. It looks like it may be caused by different timestamps, as a result of some settings being overwritten with the same value.

(Bartosz) #5

Great, thanks :slight_smile: