FMODStudioSettings.asset and source control


I have question about FMOD and source control - precisely said about FMODStudioSettings.asset. I know that it can’t be placed in .ignore, but it still make check-out and despite the fact that there is no changes, it want to send changes to repository. Is there any possibilty of avoiding such a controversy? How to deal with it?

P.S. We use Plastic SCM.


There must be changes made if it is being checked out, are the Studio projects in different directories on other computers?

Studio projects are in the same directory. In our opinion problem is that FMODStudioSettings.asset and FMODStudioSettings.asset.meta are dirty files and this is a reason why Plastic perceive their status to check-out. Is there possibility of setting this files not dirty?

I have been able to reproduce this in Plastic SCM, and have added this as a task to our tracker. It looks like it may be caused by different timestamps, as a result of some settings being overwritten with the same value.

Great, thanks :slight_smile:

Same issue here, has the fix been deployed ? If yes from which version ?
THank you.

According to our issue tracker, the issue mentioned here was resolved in version 1.10.05, so all supported version of FMOD (2.00.00 onwards) should no longer be marking FMODStudioSettings.asset dirty as a result of new timestamps.

I will get back to you with more details but I still have cases where Plastic marks it Changed but says ‘File is identical’ when I am looking for changes.