Best way to update Unity Integration (from 1.10.10 to 1.10.12)?

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I want to update my project from 1.10.10 to 1.10.12. FMOD update is straightforward, but what do I do with the Unity integration? How do I update the package?

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Before you can import a newer version of the FMOD integration UnityPackage, you will need to manually delete the dll’s used by the editor, this is because once the editor is loaded it will also load these dll’s an you will be unable to replace them while they are in use.

Thank you. So on Mac I only need to delete the “fmodstudiol.bundle” file and not everything created by FMOD?

Correct, the only time you should delete all the FMOD integration files is if you are upgrading to a new major version (eg. 1.10 -> 2.0).

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Should I also update the Playstation 4 package when updating my FMOD version? And do I need do delete any files before doing that?

It is a good idea to, that way all the API (and libs) will be on the same version.

Alright. Which files should I delete before importing the new PS4 package?

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You won’t need to delete any files, the new files in the unitypackage will overwrite the old PS4 files.

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After having deleted the dll file and updated the FMOD integration from 1.10.13 to 1.10.14, my team is getting this error. Any idea why this could be happening? :thinking:

It looks like Collab is trying to deleted/move the FMOD Windows dll, not sure why, but this won’t work while Unity is open because the dll is in use.