Footstep sounds retriggering (sound cuting midway through)

So I have an event where I play different footstep sound (not looping) based on parameters. My only problem that longer sounds for instance treading in water sound really choppy because of the sound retriggering and not playing all the way through. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Unreal Engine 4.18

It sounds like you want to use asynchronous instruments, this will allow the entire sound to play out rather than cutting out.

Either that or create a new instance for each footstep sound you want to play.

I’d like to revisit this topic. I’m having a very similar issue. I have an event with a labeled parameter called surface type. Within each surface type I have a multi-instrument with the corresponding footstep sounds. These are all asynchronous by default. However, each time the event is triggered inside of Unreal, none of the sounds are allowed to overlap each other and immediately cut off as soon as the event is called again. I’ve tried modulating each instruments volume with an AHDSR envelope and adjusting the release time, but that doesn’t work. I’ve read that this can be solved if the event is making instances of itself instead of just retriggering. I don’t know how to do this inside of Unreal. If this is the only way, it would be great to have someone explain how to write the appropriate code to get this behavior.

Please ignore this post. I was informed about the ‘Play Event at Location’ node which gives me the behavior that I want without cutting sounds off.