Forcing Audio Output to Rift With UE4.14 Blocks Output to Windows

Using UE 4.14 and FMOD 1.08.

Our first RC defaulted all FMOD sound to the audio output device specified in the windows control panel. We were able to overcome this by setting the “initial output driver name” in Unreal as Oculus. However, using that setting, if the end user does not have Oculus headphones plugged in Unreal will not fall back to the windows output-- it just plays no sounds.

Is there any way to set the output driver initially as Rift but have it fall back to windows if the rift headphones are not plugged in?



At the moment the easiest way to check for the rift headset, without having to modify engine code, is probably comparing guids using:

Which returns a similar (slightly different format) guid to: