Unity FMOD audio output not playing through Oculus Rift's headphones

I am making an app for the Oculus Rift in Unity and installed all the appropriate plugins to make the VR sound possible.
(Latest version of Unity)
(Latest version of FMOD)
(OVR Plugin for Unity)
(FMOD Plugin for Unity)
(I also have VRTK, a VR plugin for Unity but I don’t think it can mess up with the audio)

Unfortunately, if the windows sound output device is not set to the Rift’s headphones, the sound will play through whatever device is set as default. No sound in Rift.

I tested the Dreamdeck in the Oculus app and the audio output correctly switches but Dreamdeck is done in Unreal I believe so this might be an issue related to Unity 5.

Is there a fix for this or a way to force FMOD audio output to use Rift’s headphones ?


This is intentional. Just because there is an Oculus Rift (or whatever other VR device) connected, it doesn’t mean that you would always want the sound to be routed to it. This is left up to the developer.

To change output devices you can use FMOD::getDriver() & FMOD::setDriver().

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