Forum display issue on mobile

On my mobile, the forum has display issues: the logo is in front of some menus, making them difficult or impossible to access. It this problem known on Discourse, or specific to the way it’s configured for FMOD?

I would possibly blame your device’s browser. I have checked in Mobile mode in chrome on windows and on an Apple device and they both push the content below the logo.


What device / browser is this? It looks like an android from the bar at the bottom.

The problem doesn’t appear in the case of the screenshot you’ve made, but on the specific situations I showed on my sceeenshots (when writing a new thread, when accessing menus…). I’m using Chrome on a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, if you want to investigate further.

its that modal editor popup was interfering with a custom nav/header, i see that just tweaking that a bit seems to have fixed it.

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That’s better. Still occuring when accessing menus while beeing at the top of the page (with the logo on screen), though.