Full Scale Synthesizer

Hi there!

To be completely honest I have no idea what FMOD can do, but I have spent lots of hours in the past on different Sound Synths libraries and stuff, that were not adequate enough, to what I am going to ask. So,

Is FMOD capable of supporting a complete and robust Sound Synthesizer System with polyphony, modules (oscillators, effects, amplifiers, LFOs, Mixers, etc), in a Unity-based environment?
Are there any references for me to check?

I want to build a Holographic Synthesizer but till now I have not found the “right ingredients”.

Thank you

It is possible, either using looping samples or using the Core API tone generators and oscillators. Please take a look into the FMOD_DSP_TYPE_OSCILLATOR documentation and the granular_synth and generate_tone examples in the examples of the Core API installation directory.


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I am keeping that it is possible to create a complete Sound Synthesiser in Unity Environment.
Sure, there would be complications regarding the OS, but currently, I am on the windows based Hololens system, so it should be in Windows.
The Synthesizing methods might vary and I have to look up to this.

In the past, I had made a “reactable-technology” synthesizer, with Pure Data and Processing, and it was a multi-method, modular synth.
check it out, if you like: Spyractable in action - YouTube.

I was hoping/ planning to do it in space with 3D wave visualization.

Do you think this is possile?

This should be possible. Once you have the synth up and running, you can get the spectrum data from its output to be used in a 3D space. You can see some example code in our Unity documentation: