Has anyone tried using FMOD without disabling Unity Audio?

FMOD recommends Disabling Unity Audio.

However, this isn’t possible for me, as I’m using an embedded synthesizer that interfaces directly with Unity Audio.

If I don’t disable Unity Audio, I know for sure Xbox One won’t work, but what about other consoles? Will Switch and Playstaion work OK if I don’t disable Unity Audio? Would love some advice from folks who have tried to straddle both worlds of FMOD and Unity Audio engines and the type of issues I might encounter on consoles.

If the synthesizer is spawning its own OS level audio interface then it very well could work. This isn’t anything we have tested before so please use with caution.

For Desktop platforms it’s pretty safe to use built-in audio alongside FMOD. Consoles get trickier due to shared resources and mobile can be problematic due to audio session/phone interruption behaviours.

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