Game crashes seemingly out of nowhere with FMOD 2.02.16 and UE 5.1.1

I’m experiecing strange crashes in a game that is being developed using UE 5.1.1 and FMOD 2.02.16 and both the logs and FMOD profiler sessions don’t seem to help me find the cause (or if FMOD is the root cause or just suffering as a by-product of something else, which seems to be a possibility).
Some noteworthy parts of the log are:

LogFMOD: Warning: c:\jk\workspace\Build__2.2__Unreal_Win\core_api\platforms\win\src\fmod_output_wasapi.cpp(602) - Starvation detected in WASAPI output buffer!

LogFMOD: Warning: c:\jk\workspace\Build__2.2__Unreal_Win\studio_api\src\fmod_monitoring_module.cpp(279) - Not enough bandwidth to send monitoring data, discarding 1702 commands (2100126 bytes worth) due to backlog!!

I thought those could mean that FMOD is using too much CPU/Memory but a chunk of the sounds are pre-loaded (30mb is the footprint of it all) and the peak CPU usage was 1% for the mixer and 1% for the update which is super low. The game also had only 8 instances when it crashed and only 1 event with a single asset streaming. All this makes me think that it’s definitely not an issue with CPU or memory but I have no ideia what else it could be.

Any ideias?


Is it possible to get a call stack after the crash? Is this happening in a build or in the UE editor?

may indicate that there is a buildup of unreleased events taking up resources. Would it be possible to record a profiler session? Instructions for recording and packaging a profiler session are outlined here: FMOD Studio | Profiling. Once you have a recorded session with a crash could you package it with the following settings:
and upload it to your profile, please note that you will have to register a project with us to upload to your profile.

The profiler receives network packets from your project in order to log what’s happening - this message indicates that there wasn’t enough bandwidth to send all of the various occurrences in your project since the last update. Typically this won’t occur unless some combination of the following occurs:

  • You’re running the game and the profiler on separate networks or machines, thus limiting the bandwidth
  • You’re consuming a disproportionate amount of network bandwidth with other processes, also limiting the bandwidth
  • You’re making large amounts of changes/updates to the FMOD Studio system extremely frequently in your game, and thus consuming too much bandwidth - i.e. rapidly setting a ton of parameters and/or 3D attributes, or creating an extremely large amount of event instances, etc.