Getting channel group id from name

Hi there,

I have a group called “Nature” in the Mixer window and I’m trying to get the corresponding ChannelGroup object in C#. I found how to get the Master group using RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.getMasterChannelGroup but couldn’t figure out how to get a specific group by its name.

I guess I’m also having hard time understanding the difference between a Channel and a ChannelGroup.

Any help would be very welcome! Thanks.

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In the mixer, you can right click on the group you are interested in then select “copy path”, this will give you a string that represents that group that can be looked up at runtime. In game code, call System.getBus(“copied path goes here”), this gets you the runtime bus for the group you chose in the mixer.

Contained within each Bus is a Core API ChannelGroup, this is a submix and distinct from a Channel which is a playing asset. You can fetch the ChannelGroup from a Bus by calling Bus.getChannelGroup.


Thanks for your reply @mathew !
I ended doing this and it works like a charm:

Bus bus = RuntimeManager.GetBus(“bus:/path/to/my/group”);
bus.getChannelGroup(out var channelGroup);