Getting duplicate-name complaints for events with same name but in different folders

I am, intermittently, getting duplicate-name complaints for events with same name but in different folders. It will build fine 7 times in a row, and then one time when I try to build the master bank, it pops up with things like this:

"This project contains items with duplicate paths:

event:/NameOne - {a6737f71-3d3e-460f-b84d-c8da496c9366} {95ad7e23-d94d-4323-9ee2-17442b603f15}
event:/NameTwo - {6374cf1d-da5c-4a49-babe-65bcbc081a02} {852522e0-7e4e-4f58-aa0a-1f5557bc17de}
event:/NameThree - {c7305434-4f89-4dbd-bfef-21c41f9a1413} {ff134bc8-c81c-4387-b1b1-ec1bc24b71ea} {04664160-afc7-424f-9485-997406a9a1a5} {2f423e04-c170-404a-96b0-d443de94a106} {1ac7e255-171e-433f-963b-2da816974ad9} "

My understanding is that FMOD tolerates this because the events are stored as full paths. What am I doing wrong here? Is it ok to just ignore this and build anyway?

I’ve been working around it by just futzing around until Studio gives up on it…

Not sure whether this is relevant, but the error names the event like this:


when really it is:


I just recently reported the same problem. We’re using Plastic for source control.

Regards, Matt

If you’re getting this error message for events that do not have the same path, it probably means that the .xml file for the event’s parent folder is missing or inaccessible.

Normally, a project’s event folder .xml files are located in the project folder’s Metadata\EventFolder subdirectory, but if they cannot be found (perhaps due to an unreliable network connection or faulty hard drive), or cannot be opened (perhaps because a file synchronization service or source control solution has an open handle to the file), then FMOD Studio will not be able to read information about the folder, and so will attempt to work around the issue by assuming the event is in your project’s root event path instead of in its actual path. In some cases, this may result in an event having a path identical to that of another event.

If some files in your FMOD Studio project folder are intermittently inaccessible, it is likely that all files in that folder are similarly afflicted. If you are experiencing other issues with FMOD Studio, this may be the cause.

Thanks for the info Joseph. Your hunch was correct: If I turn off the P4 connection (switch version-control to ‘none’ in Studio’s options), the problem disappears. (at least in my first test)

So it sounds like my connection to our P4 server is not what it should be? Or is this likely to happen no matter what?

That’s strange. If you’re using our Perforce integration, then just having it enabled shouldn’t cause this issue, as FMOD Studio should be aware of (and thus able to work around) any Perforce operations performed through FMOD Studio’s interface. Do you ever use P4V or the Perforce command line to check out or otherwise interact with the files in your FMOD Studio project?

I used to, but someone at your location (I think it was you?) taught me not to do that. :sweat_smile: I submit our .bank files through the P4V interface, but now I only use Studio for all the metadata.

It may have been a coincidence, I don’t know. It didn’t solve the other problems (encoding, mysterious empty metadata conflicts), but the duplicate-path thing stopped.