Duplicate FMOD Events appear within a Folder when using Plastic Repo

Hi There,

This is a bit difficult to explain, but I will try.

I’m working on a multiplayer project, and it was decided to duplicate the local player weapons for the remote players. So the same exact events existing in 2 folders. Everything looks fine in FMOD, and I don’t get any errors when building banks. The issue is that once I push my work to a branch on Plastic, the dev merges my work into the main branch, and I merge or create a new branch from main, I end up with a number of the events duplicated within each folder. In other words, the local player folder will have duplicate events and the remote folder will have duplicate events.

Additionally, even though the event names are identical, some of the content may or may not be from a previous iteration.

The same thing happened on a previous project, but I just cleaned things up manually.

Apologies if this is hard to follow. Please let me know if I should clarify.

Regards, Matt

Unfortunately, we don’t make or maintain a Plastic SCM integration, and no such integration is included in FMOD Studio. We do not have access to the scripts that allow it to function, and so have no ability to investigate or fix this problem.

I recommend you report the problem you’re having to the developers of the Plastic SCM source control integration. Someone at your company must know where you got the integration; presumably they know who its developers are.