WebGL no loading "Master Bank"

I am currently trying to make my unity game run as WebGL, but somehow i can’t get my game to load the “Master Bank”. I am using FMOD Studio 1.10.05. I have followed the steps in this support guide https://www.fmod.com/docs/api/content/generated/engine_new_unity/html5_webgl.html.
I have duplicated the “Loading” scene and “LoadBankAndScene” script from the Integration Demo. When i am building the demo it works as supposed, but my own project won’t load the “Master Bank”. I am able to load the “Master Bank.strings” though.

What could be the problem and how do i fix it?


Similar problem, someone needs to answer this question :S

I figured out that it was because I was using pitch shift, which is one the effects not compatible with FMOD webGL build.
You can find the list under DSP Effect Support.

If any of these exist in your program, then you won’t be able to load the MasterBank.
If I understand corretcly then the “Envelope follower” is ADSR. So apparently you can’t use that either.