Global Parameter Change Trigger not working in WebGl Build

I basically have a lot of objects that have a sound ready to play. That sound is triggered when i press the mouse over it.

I also have a location where i placed a trigger area and made the area to be a trigger for a global parameter change where it will change some parameters in FMOD.

I set the trigger to Collision Enter and matched the Collision Tag with the one that the main player has.

Works perfectly fine in Unity but after the export it doesn’t.

Anyone had this problem before?

Game: Listen by ABandola

(When you go up the bed it should trigger some effects on the audios through a parameter change)


Would it be possible to get a copy of your Unity project uploaded to your Profile or DM’d to me?

If not, could I get a code snippet of how you are changing the Parameter? Could you also try enabling the Development build in Unity:
Then, where you are changing the parameter you will want to assign it to an FMOD.RESULT (FMOD API | Core API Reference) and then print the result of the function call which will be displayed in the development build:

FMOD.RESULT result = instance.setParameterByName("GlobalParameter", 0);

What version of FMOD and Unity are you using?

I’m using the FMOD Studio Global Parameter Trigger as you can see in the screenshot.

Both versions are the latest and i just uploaded the game in development build in

I also posted the error message that i got from the build, the event fails to trigger.

(sorry but i don’t know how to send the project to you in an easy way, and the FMOD profile page is not letting me post it there)

Captura de Ecrã (55)

(Screenshot of the error)

Thank you for sharing those.

That error is indicating that FMOD cannot find the Parameter. Could I get a screenshot of the parameter in FMOD Studio under Window -> Preset Browser -> Parameters

Here it is

Here’s the code on the script of the global parameter change script


You could upload it to a file hosting site and then DM me the link might be the easiest. Could you also package your FMOD studio project along with the Unity project?
File -> Package Project