Major Issues With Parameter Triggers

Hey everyone!
To start, I’ll put out some specs as to the FMOD and Unity Versions I’m using.
Unity: 2019.1.0f2
FMOD: 1.10.12 (Both Studio and Integration)

So I’ve been working on trying to implement FMOD into a 2D top down RPG as sort of a demo for my composition and sound design, but I’ve been having this really odd issue.
So I have my music and background ambiance to change volume (and later just change from one track to another) based on parameters. So, basically the OnOff parameter basically just acts as a volume slider for when I enter scenes where I want them either not there or just a bit quieter. Issue is, the Parameter Trigger that comes with the FMOD integration pack isn’t working.
What I mean by this is that when it should be getting activated, nothing’s happening. None of the parameters are changing that should be (they all start at 0 and should be changing to 1). I’ve spend half the day trying to troubleshoot this already, both making sure that the parameters and events were properly linked with the Event Browser, as well as checking the Profiler, only to find that the parameters were staying static the whole time.

I’ve tried just about every sensible variation of trying to trigger the event from setting it to a 2D box, setting it at player level, camera level, making a 3D box and extending it so that both would hit and possibly trigger it. Using both 3D and 2D triggers on each, as well as just having it set to object start. None of these have done anything. I’m really desperate here cause I really need these parameters to change to do much throughout the game.

Okay, so I made some headway with figuring out what’s going on. So when I have the emitter set to looking at a specific event, it’s only looking at the single Instance I set it to be looking at. (ie, if I have the manager trying to effect parameters for the main maps emitter, it ONLY changes parameters on that instance), but the issue is, I don’t believe I can have an object from another scene affecting a different scene’s emitter, or at least I haven’t found a way to link them up sensibly yet. I hope this kind of makes sense.

Issue has now been SOLVED.

Updated to FMOD 20.0.0 after remembering I had seen the option of GLOBAL parameters which ended up working!

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