Global parameter control

Hi !

So, I’m trying to manipulate the value of a global parameter by incrementating or decrementing its value throught an event with Commands.

When event plays, it works on the parameter.

And it actually works as intended. In the sandbox, everything goes fine when triggering the event, keying off…

In game tho, triggering the event (which logs as played, sustained and stopped… so its behavior works) does not Modify the parameter in anyway.

Game engine is custom. Studio is 2.2.9

Does anyone have a clue on why it works in the sandbox and not in game ?



Running a Profiler session along side your engine might help debug the issue. You can enable Live Update using the FMOD_STUDIO_INIT_LIVEUPDATE flag explained under FMOD API | Studio API, and reading the profiler session is explained under FMOD Studio | Profiling.

Thanks for your answer.
Profiling didn’t help much since it shows the exact misbehavior described.
We finally opted for an in game trigger (by code) that control the parameter directly instead of using this event.

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