Live Update on VS banks issue with parameters

Hey there!

Im using fmod 2.00.04 and unity 2019.2.17.
We are struggling with modifying a global parameter. We have a button on a gameobject that when pressed its set to change a number in a parameter but this does not happen unless fmod is live connected. without this, our debug logs in unity show the same info that the number in the global parameter was changed, yet we hear nothing to indicate this has happened.

How can I look more into this?

additional info: The event can both play and stop through the same interaction, so its most likely something wrong with the parameter, not the event

When you connect Studio to your game using live update, Studio automatically synchronizes your game to use the content of your FMOD Studio project. That the behavior is correct only when using live update therefore implies that the built banks in your Unity project are out of date. Try rebuilding your FMOD Studio project and replacing the banks used by your Unity project with the newly rebuilt banks.