Globalise a parameter that has AHDSR modulator automation?

I have found a way to automate a parameter by a combination of AHDSR and automation on the envelope settings. I have made it so that the value bumps up if it is triggered again before the end of the AHDSR envelope.

I can do this on a local parameter but I seem to have difficulty in doing the same thing on a global parameter. Is this possible to do? I’m using FMOD 2.00.00.

When I try to change the parameter from a local to a global I get prompted to delete the modulator automation.

If I delete them and then re-add the automation curves as a global parameter, nothing moves at all. The only way I can change the value is by manually changing the Sustain percentage.

Is there a way to get this behavior working correctly in the global parameter?

It’s not possible to automate a global parameter (or properties/modulators attached to global parameters) by a local parameter. One reason for this is to prevent confusion when dealing with event instances. Imagine you have a global parameter that is being automated by a local parameter on an event. If there are two event instances, there are two local parameter instances that are both automating the same global parameter.

As you’ve found out you can only automate global parameters by other global parameters. Local parameters can be automated by local or global parameters.