Automating the AHDSR envelope of a parameter with another parameter causes Unity to crash

Studio 2.02.13 Unity 2022.3.8 (Also tested on latest version of FMOD Studio & Unity integration)

EDIT: See second post

I had to change a parameter in FMOD Studio from local to global. The next time I refreshed the banks Unity crashed. After restarting Unity it would then crash every time I stopped Play mode in Unity.

Similarly, deleting the FMODStudioCache asset would then cause a Unity crash when reopening the scene.

If I undo the parameter change in Studio and rebuild banks, the crashes go away.

I tried creating a new global parameter, copying over all the automation (which is very tedious…possible feature request to make this quicker?!), deleting the previous parameter, and the crashes reoccurred.

Currently to be able to work on the project I’ve had to keep the parameter local, but I really need a way to make it global without causing constant crashes!

Have added the Unity crash log - can email fmod/unity project on request.

Editor - Copy.log (3.6 KB)

I’ve spent a bit more time on this and I can reproduce this error consistently now in blank Unity projects with these parameters in an otherwise empty FMOD project.

This automation causes the crashes I mentioned previously.

Thanks for reporting this issue and I have been able to reproduce myself. It appears to be caused by the second global parameter, the one automating the Sustain, during the bank unload process.

At this point I am unable to think of a workaround that would allow the parameters to remain global.

I’ve created a task to investigate and fix this for an upcoming release.

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