Google Resonance Room with PlayOneShot() in Unity

Hello! I am trying to use Google Resonance’s audio room feature. The problem is, I have all my audio trigger from a single Audio Manager using PlayOneShot. The reverb does not seem to affect these events, but it does affect events triggered by a Studio Event Emitter object as well as those using AttachToGameObject. Is there a way to get PlayOneShot() to be affected by the audio rooms, or do I just need to use AttachToGameObject always?

It sounds like you need to use PlayOneShotAttached() instead. That will allow you to attach to a gameobject and perform a one-shot event play in the same manner. If you use PlayOneShot() then it will place the event at 0,0,0 which is likely not going to be in the area you need.

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Thank you very much!