Reverb Not Working With Google Resonance

Heyo - Having trouble figuring out how to utilize Google Resonance spatializer with my reverb sends/snapshots. Everything works fine when the Resonance source is not enabled, but when it’s enabled I get dry audio that does not utilize the reverb sends/snapshots that it’s group is assigned. I’m sure it’s a small thing I’m missing, but any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

Still can’t figure out the solution to this. Reverb snapshots work fine with built-in spatializer. Google Resonance works fine in Unity with FMOD, but doesn’t utilize my reverb snapshots. Any ideas?

Google Resonance, along with other specialist spacialization effects, do not route the conventional way. They send audio straight from the Resonance Source effect to the Resonance Listener effect. For more information take a look at our docs

Ah, I see, thank you. If it routes directly to the Master Bus than is it not possible to use Snapshot reverb effects with Google Resonance? I’m having trouble understanding how this setup would look. Thanks, Richard!

It doesn’t route directly to the master bus, it routes directly to the Google Resonance Listener. If you place the Google Resonance Listener onto a group bus then have the reverb effects after the listener effect, you can utilize snapshots like this. All 2D events without the Google Resonance effect will route the normal way.