Using Audio Rooms with FMOD in Unity

I have been following @alexzzen guides to work with Unity and FMOD and so far it has been great, I really appreciate it! But I have been having a continuous problem with one part of a tutorial on the website, which is called “Using Audio Rooms with FMOD in Unity”.

I have a room and I want to use the Resonance Audio Room to create reverb for a cube that plays music using the FMOD Studio Event Emitter.

I made sure to delete all return tracks in FMOD and have a Resonance Audio Listener on the Master Bus and Resonance Audio Source on the 3D Timeline Event.

But when I go into Unity and use the FMOD Studio Event Emitter, the reverb is not being applied to the emitted sound. Strangely for me, it does work if I use the Resonance Audio Source Prefab. I am feeling confused as to why it is not working even though I feel like I followed every single step in the tutorial.

Here I will leave a link with pictures of my project in case anyone wants to see what I did!

I managed to find out why it was not working. I was using ResonanceAudioRoom.cs and not FmodResonanceAudioRoom.cs

I will leave the thread up in case someone like me has been confused like that and spent 6 hours trying to figure out what is wrong :smiley: