GVR Audio Room Destroys Spatialization

Hey guys and gals,

I’m using the GVR Spatial Audio set and am mostly pleased with the results but for some reason when I add the FMOD GVR Audio Room script to my project it destroys the spatialization of all the objects in the scene. The room itself is active but everything becomes mono. Any idea what this could be?


Make sure you have followed all the steps listed:

If it still isn’t working after that, can you please provide some more information.

Hi Cameron,

it’s happened to me several times now that at some point the audio sources seem to stop playing and all I hear is the room effects. When I turn off the GVR Audio Room I hear nothing. I have yet to be able to fix the problem in any way except discarding my saved changes and starting over.

Also, this seems to only be happening in one scene. I have another scene in the same Unity project where I am not having this problem.

Do you get any errors or warning either in the editor or in the fmod.log (in your project root directory)?

Hi Cameron, I found out it was linked to the occlusion, which I misunderstood as being a parameter that affected the sound outside of the GVR room it was located in.