GVR audio room in UE4

Having trouble getting google VR room effects working in UE4.
As I understood there is no FMOD gvr plugin for spatial reverb. There is only a bypass switch and the parameters of this feature should be available in Unreal?
Can anyone help me figure out, how to get it?

Google have moved away from a plugin for spatial reverb which allows more control in the game/engine.

As they mention in their guide, room effects are set using dsp’s and Google’s RoomProperties.

I don’t really get how exactly should I set up it in Unreal Engine. Seems like code of the gvr room effect is there, but how I have to control it I don’t quite understand. Is it possible to bring to front its interface with room parameters? Please, can someone make it more clear than it is, in the only guide on the internet from the link above?

If you take a look at the scripts they include in the Unity plugin (https://github.com/googlevr/gvr-audio-fmod-sdk). They use setParameterData() on the ListenerPlugin DSP, after making sure the ListenerPlugin DSP is found.
It doesn’t look like they have any C++ versions of this available yet, but it is possible to do yourself.