Has Anyone had any success making Phyiscal Collision Sounds in unreal?

I’m looking to setup a physical collision system but the project is using FMOD. There are some really handy physical collision sound plugins on the marketplace, but they all use soundcues in their code, and I think that would be a nightmare to implement in conjunction with everything else being done in FMOD.

I know there has to be a solid way to do it, but I have been looking all over the place and the only example I can find is in unity in C#, nothing for FMOD in blueprints.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or let me know how you’ve approached this that would be fantastic, thank you!

Setup a new event and use a labeled parameter and in blueprint when a collision happens get the physical material and set fmod parameter to the matching material to play the right sound.

Search how to make footstep sounds kind of the same approach