Having a really rough time getting my FMOD events playing on different computers running the same Unity project

I have the build folder located within my Unity project’s Assets folder, but when I open the project on a different computer, my events won’t play and I get the error “Event Not Found”

The fix I found was to manually set my build path in Single Platform Build settings to the build folder I’d already created.

Me and my collaborators on this project shouldn’t have to manually set this every time though. Why won’t Unity automatically recognize the folder when it’s clearly there, and a part of our Unity project’s folder hierarchy ?

The setting should remain as Single Platform Build once you’ve changed and saved it. The path to this build folder should be relative to the project itself so that it is found on different machines. If you have the setting set to “Project” then it will look for the FMOD Studio project which is possibly why you’re encountering these messages.

I did mention that I am using Single Platform Build. After some more troubleshooting though, it seems like my project’s audio is working correctly now. Thanks for the reply