FMOD can't find events

I’ve just updated from FMOD Unity intergation 1.07 to 1.09.04. Rebuilt project in studio v 1.09.04, updated banks in Unity, loaded the project path in settings, etc. Checked the GUID list and they match the GUIDs of the corresponding assets. All events are correctly listed in the event browser.

However, when I attempt to play a sound by its event name with PlayOneShot, I get the ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND error, along with “PlayOneShot couldn’t find event”. The printed event name is correct, and matches the name in the event list.

Any ideas?

  • I’ve also added the Studio Listener component to my camera.

Double check the scripting order in Unity, make sure the FMODListener runs before any of your scripts that use FMOD.

Failing that I would delete the banks in the streaming assets folder and re-import them.

Turns out I hadn’t gone through all of the legacy update steps. After following the steps in the doc, getting rid of compile errors, and adding all plugins, started working.