Getting the "eventnotfoundexception" error in unity. can't get sounds to play

Keep getting this issue. (attached photo)
Can’t hear sound when i hit play in unity.


  • working with devs and are using source tree for repo’s.

  • my FMOD project saves are in a separate repo to the unity one.

  • my “builds” are getting sent into the same project as unity, under assets/Audio/Build. Using multiplatform build. That so far seems fine.

  • ive tried reinstalling etc… keeps happening

  • weirdly enough, you see how it says (event:/Ambience/Vox)?
    I deleted that, im not actually trying to play that event anymore… so not sure why it has brought that up?
    Im trying to play the “tower shoot” sounds.

Currently using Unity 2021.2.7f1
And FMOD 2.02.05.

Windows 11


So this is an event that you have deleted from your FMOD Studio project?
Is there anything else that could be trying to play “event:/Ambience/Vox”, like a script or another FMOD Studio Event Emitter in the scene?
Can you please tick Enable API Error Logging and set your Logging Level to “Log” in the FMOD Unity settings, and send through the full log you get when attempting to play?