Having an issue reloading banks in our online game

Hey Fmod developers,

I just wanted to reach out to inquire about problem we seem to be facing regarding loading sound banks in our online game.

Right now, our sound banks are told to load on trigger enter or exit by the player, and being an online game where you may log out and log in at any location in the world its possible you may load “into” a zone with a bank there but not specifically having ‘passed’ through it.

Trying to get to the root of the problem - basically when we first boot up a deployed build and load the application, all sound is working as should and bank loading, and so on, but if we log out of our game to our login screen, we lose all fmod audio, and re-logging into the game presents the same issue, we effectively have to reload the application to get fmod sound back in.

If any of the developers could give some thoughts as to why this may be or offer some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Jesse,

This is more of a game engine issue. As you mentioned, the bank is set up to load and unload on trigger enter and exit. If the game object is already within that area, it does not count as entering or exiting that trigger.

It would be best to setup some code for when initially loading a player into an area to check if the bank associated with that area is loaded or not and to load it then.