Localized bank not loading in 4.25

Hello there !
I am having an issue with localized bank not loading depending on my actions in ue4.25. I load the bank at startup. So following on the documentation in blueprint I first unload the bank containing my localized strings, set the correct “locale” (as set in project settings and fmod) and then load the bank again.
That works fine when I first launch the game but doesn’t when, after a playtrough, I start a “New Game”.
Meaning that I restart the playthrough without closing the game. It then redo the same bank unloading/set locale/loading but the voice is then gone ! I really don’t know where to start to debug this issue but maybe you have a clue !
Would it be better to do these actions in c++ ? Is it a problem to do that at launch (maybe just doing it after modifying the option would be better ?).
Thanks a lot !

Did a few more test in shipping package. And putting the loading code inside the game instance doesnt work. It simply doesn’t load the bank at all.

It sounds like you are doing everything correctly in terms of loading banks and setting a locale. A few questions:

  • Are other sounds playing on successive playthroughs?
  • What is your FMOD integration version?
  • How are you starting the game again?

I found that reloading the scene allowed the voice to change when using “Open Level” as an equivelant to restarting the game, i.e

As for your shipping game issue, I didn’t have any issues with the blueprint above. Are you packaging to windows or some other platform?

Hello Jeff ! Thanks a lot for picking up on this problem of ours.
To answer your question :

  • Other sounds are playing on successive playthroughs. Only the one from this bank are not. (the bank doesnt only have a table, it also have classical events)
  • Fmod plugin version is 2.01.07
  • I am also using open level. The test you did should have triggered the same problem as I have.

After noting that the game instance on init doesnt trigger the bank change. I moved some of my logic to the game mode. I kinda fixed the problem by not reloading the bank when starting a “new game”. But only if the locale has been changed in the game settings.
Really don’t know what trigger this issue but the current fix shouldn’t cause too many problems in the meantime. Will keep this thread updated if It starts behaving again.
Also I will probably update the game to ue4.26 so it might change the current state of affairs.


I double checked with 2.01.07 and everything loaded fine on my end. Good to hear you’ve got a workaround, definitely keep us posted if any other issues come about as a result!