Help much appreciated :p

Hi guys, I am a sound effect artist currently working in an indie game studio. I recently got stuck with a problem that I couldn’t solve it by my self. So I am here hoping any amazing folks can help me out :).

The problem is, there is one specific Event in which its EvenInstance(s) work perfectly fine in Unity, when eventInstance.start() is applied in Awake(),or in Start().FYI, by saying working fine, I mean no failure or abnormal situation reported :slight_smile:

That being said, only one out of many EventInstances in that specific Event plays,while the rest only play when eventInstance.start() is reapplied.

And I am using fmodstudio:10906, unity fmod: 10906_v2.

Your help is much needed and appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Zifei,

Without seeing the event in question or the code trying to call it, there’s not much I can suggest. Does this event play in the FMOD Studio tool? Does it take any game parameters? Does it start playing if you were to call eventInstance.start() later on outside the Start() or Awake() functions?


I make a small project to reproduce this issue, you can see only one instance start playing successfully:

Hi Zifei,

You have a 40.0ms cooldown set on the test event. Since the script is set to start all three event instances simultaneously, only the first event instance will work.

Setting the cooldown to be 0.00ms worked for me.


Hi Richard:

Thanks a ton! That works for me too!:)Your help are much appreciated by me and my team.

Kind regards;