Help with deleting script in the FMOD - Integration tutorial (Karting microgame lesson)

Hi there,

I’m up to 3.2.9 - Delete all the lines that contain m_audioSource from FeedbackFlashHUD.cs.

I have attached a screenshot, pointing out 1. and 2. questions.

  1. Here is a line I have deleted, which contained m_audioSource, and there is a yellow line on the left. Is that signifying an error? Have I deleted that line properly?

  2. Here, there is only one line ( m_audioSource.PlayOneShot(warningAudioClip):wink: containing m_audioSource. Is it ONLY that one line I delete, or do I delete the lines above and below?

If i change it from:

if(!warningSoundPlayed && vignetteCanvasGroup.alpha >= 0.5f){
warningSoundPlayed = true;


if(!warningSoundPlayed && vignetteCanvasGroup.alpha >= 0.5f){
warningSoundPlayed = true;

is that correct? In the tutorial it only says “Delete the LINES with m_audioSource in them”

That’s correct - only delete the line that contains m_audioSource. In your screenshot this would be line 61.