Honor series phones have a chance of experiencing continuous popping sound

Honor series phones have a chance of experiencing continuous popping sound, which occurs by chance. Other phones have no problem, and there may also be a sudden cessation of all sound by chance.Request help thanks


What version of FMOD are you experiencing this on?

Does this happen when you run the FMOD Examples which are included with the FMOD Andriod API Download fmodstudioapiXXXXXandroid\api\studio\examples\androidstudio\cmake?

I am using version 2.02.07, but Fmodstudio itself runs smoothly. The game is packaged on my phone, and there have been no similar issues with other series of phones. Everything is running normally, except for the Honor P30 phone.


Thanks for the information. Would it be possible to get a packaged project uploaded to your Profile with built banks included: FMOD Studio -> File -> Package Project? Ensuring that the Banks option is selected.

You will need to register a project with us to be able to upload the package.

I have uploaded it to my personal profile. Please help me check the problem. Thank you very much

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Thank you for sharing the files. I will investigate the issue and get back to you once I have some findings.


I was unable to reproduce the issue. Would it be possible to record a Profiler session (FMOD Studio | Profiling) when you are experiencing the popping and upload that as well?


Have you made any progress on resolving the issue? Was there anything else I could assist with?