How can I set occlusion details on FMODEvent Instance Structure?

I’m trying to set occlusion details on several events,
It was easy to set on FMODAudio Component (Play Event Attaced).

However, as for FMOD Event Instance (Play Event at Location), I can’t set it because "FMODEvent Instance Structure is not compatible with FMODAudio Component Pbject Reference.

How can I set occlusion details on Play Event at Location?

Using the ‘occlusion details’ is a function of the FMODAudioComponent specifically and PlayEventAtLocation doesn’t use that, it directly makes an event at a specified location and returns the instance.

Hi, Thanks,
I understand it returns the instance.
So, It means… If I want to use Occlusion feature, I must use FMODAudioComponent, not the instance. Right?
Then, is there any way to spawn a FMODAudioComponent at Location (not attach something) ?

Other than PlayEventAttached you can use the Add FMODSudio Component node to spawn a component.