How do I make sure that the Reverb settings on the FMOD are equally applied to UE4?


I’m currently in charge of sound design for FPS games, and I’d like to apply the Reverb effect of shooting in a small room.

In the default Reverb setting in UE4, there were no Wet level and Mix level parameters, so I tried to get this effect from FMOD.

I succeeded in creating the Reverb setting in the folder of UE4 using the snap shot of FMOD, but after applying it to the audio volume, it is very different from what I heard in FMOD.

How can I set up the Reverb effect in UE4 that has a high Mix value of indoor?

If there is a way to control Wet level or Mix level without FMOD, it would be better news.

There is a section on Reverb Zones in the docs that sounds like it should help.