The reverb wet level does not work

We are using Unreal and recently updated FMOD studio from 2.01.03 to 2.02.06 but reverb wet level is not working.

If only Wet Level is used, the return volume meter does not move, and the volume meter moves only when the Dry Level is raised.
The reverb is not available.

It was used normally in 2.01.03, but it was updated to 2.02.06 and is not available.

For what reason?

Reverb appears to be working correctly with both wet and dry values in 2.02.06. Can you please upload your project to your FMOD Profile so I can see how everything is setup? I just need one event with reverb on it, so feel free to delete any other events to get the project size down.

Thank you, Jeff

I will officially ask through the project team.