How do I stop PlayerControllers without Pawns being listeners?


Our game has a mode where two players take turns controlling a pawn in a single viewport. This causes a problem for us as FFMODStudioModule::UpdateViewportPosition() creates two listeners, one for each player with the second one being at the origin. As you can imagine this causes all sorts of issues with our positional audio.

To get around this, I have modified the loop in FFMODStudioModule::UpdateViewportPosition() to not add a listener if the player is not in control of a pawn. This seems to work for us.

Is this OK? Any advice on a better way of fixing this issue?

I’ve been waiting to see if anybody else had thoughts on this. What you suggest seems a good change.

I’m not sure about adding the change in to our official release, but it sounds like a fairly easy thing to maintain yourself for now.