Migration 1.10 -> 2.01.11 caused Multiple Listener Issue

Hey all!

After migrating from 1.10 to 2.01.11 I’m having issues with my listeners. It is a split screen game (though it is also broken with one player).

The Studio Listeners get created by calling AddComponent when the players are created. We use a multi-scene setup in unity; A Manager Scene and then whichever level to actually “play” in. I remember having similar issues in 1.10. To fix it, there was a dummy listener object in the Manager scene set really far away at listener index 8 (or 7, whatever the max was on the inspector). When the players would be created, after their listeners are added, I would set their listener index to their Player ID: 0, 1, 2, 3 if all 4 players were active. Worked like a charm. Now, It seems like there is a listener around 0,0,0 world space and the listener attached to players appears to do nothing.

I know a lot changed from 1.10 to 2.01, I already went through and fixed all the ParameterInstance code (definitely like the params being nested under the EventInstance now). Is there something someone could help point me in the right direction? Not sure why they are broken now. I see that in 2.01 the listener index is getting set by the RuntimeManager now? Can I still override that or? Any help would be awesome. Thanks everyone.

Hey! I got it sorted out. It was close to what I had to do with 1.10. The code snippit is called after the secondary scene and players are created/loaded. Hope this helps if anyone else comes across a similar issue. Cheers!

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