How does 'Find Event by Name' work?

Hey there! I feel as if this is kind of a noob question, but today I’ve been making a blueprint that shows what last item you’ve physically picked up, and in audio, I’ve seemed to have run into a misconception.

The return value to Find Event by Name always seems to be ‘None’, no matter what string you print to it, because of that, it doesn’t play anything when connected to Play Event 2D. Is it supposed to be like that, and if so, how would you play the event that Find Event by Name finds?

Hi Shagia, what string are you passing to Find Event by Name? You should be able to pass in a path you get when you right click an event in FMOD Studio and select Copy Path. For example, a path will usually look something like “event:/New Event”. Is this what you’re seeing?

that is definitely what I was looking for, I was attempting to send the string of a single object straight to Find Event by Name without the ‘event:’ command, fixed that now and it works perfectly. Thank you!